How I built my Real Estate Portfolio and Company

If you are a Realtor most brokerages teach you to talk to your circle or influence and family. You then run out of people pretty quick if your people are not buying or selling.

87% of all Realtors fail within the first 5 years. Why is that?

The reason I believe is most Realtors don't look at their own personal business and finances. Always chasing that next deal gets exhausting especially if you're barely getting by. 

In 2000 when I first got my Real Estate License I was just getting it to buy and sell my own real estate. I would find homes, get financing and close the deal. I quickly learned I needed more business.

Fast forward to today and me and my wife have a great portfolio and a great residual income real estate business. Every month we have a nice income coming in. This allows me to do more business and not stress out on slower months.

My slow month would be a great month for most Realtors. The key is learning the different services that are not readily taught at most brokerages. Some Realtors are seeing a market they have never seen before.

This is why I have created a course to help Realtors build their brand and get consistent business doing it.  My students will learn how to create a business and residual income.

Imagine not stressing out monthly and knowing that you have income coming in. Imagine no more

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