Real Estate Agents Need To Start Thinking Like Entrepreneurs


Setting up any type of business you want to be able to continue to make money takes ways to create a residual income. Basically money that comes into the business that comes in without you having to do much effort.

Realtors are told in most cases one way to do real estate. get up everyday, take a happy pill and start calling and door knocking. You also need to volunteer for the brokerage meetings and or community events while making no money in the process. Good things to do but you need a business plan that will help you do more for your business.

Most Realtors 87% of them do not make it in the business. Why is that? Because they are always needing new buyers and sellers for their business and not a lot of repeat business. Like department stores Kmart, Sears, Montgomery Wards to name a few cannot go on forever.

Business people who have a continuous income have assets that work for them, not them working all the time for it. Basically having assets and businesses that create money every month.

That is what I recognized immediately being a Realtor. I had to create business 24/7 and work hard doing it. I decided to set a system that creates income for me every month that I can count on.

This allows me to be more successful and create a better business for me and my clients. After 1000+ Transactions and setting up pretty much every part of a real estate system I have decided to share it with a few Realtors.

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