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Listing a property is one thing, getting it sold is another. You need to get the top selling price and save on commissions.

I offer you a better way to sell your home and save money in commissions. Being a Realtor for the last 23 years I have learned how to market a property and get it SOLD.

My last listing Sold in 4 days for over comps. The reason it did is because I recognized that the neighborhood had a lot of value and there were no properties for sale in that neighborhood.

That meant there would be high demand and there was a very good buyer that wanted that neighborhood. 

That is how you get top price is knowing the areas and being able to recognize the demand for the area.

Need SOLD Call Brett 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or WhatsApp me

Get top dollar for your home and SAVE BIG MONEY IN COMMISISONS

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