Property Management makes all the difference in Income


The first thing that needs to be considered is buying the right real estate and getting a property that can be managed successfully. I was talking with a potential investor yesterday that wanted to purchase duplexes and Four Pl-exes.

I explained that the areas would have to be stellar for that type of property to be successful. First the property had to be in a good area and generate higher rents. That does two things, gets better tenants and pays everyone more money. Buy in bad areas becomes a money pit!

When you go out and eat there is a big difference between Denny's and Ruth Chris Steak House in the quality of food you will get. The menu at Ruth Chris is much more money than Denny's menu. That gives the eatery more money and helps waiters and waitresses get better tips. The experience at Ruth Chris is much different than Denny's.

That is how you should look at your portfolio. The areas you buy in will generate different tenants and that is the key to success.

I personally get calls every week from investors that are not getting their rent and want better property management. Unfortunately in a lot of cases, we have to tell them that their property is not in an area we manage. Just a few days ago an investor sent 7 properties over for Avalon to manage. We only took one property and the investor was happy we did that.

Property Management that handles both types of real estate high end and low end has a ton of work ahead of them. The low end real estate takes up a tremendous amount of time for the property management. That means more expense for everyone involved. The investor and the management loses because the low end properties have a tough time generating profit for anyone.

Turn around on tenants and maintenance alone will cost a lot of time and money for the management to keep going.

Avalon Group Realty only handles good real estate with quality tenants. This allows them to generate more money for the clients and in turn for them. This allows the investor to have more income while their equity grows for the future.

Getting the right Property Manager requires the right real estate and a property management that refuses to manage difficult real estate. 

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