This Income property after 3 years has $65,000+ equity position


Not counting the net rental income of $25,000+ already deposited in this clients account
Income Real Estate needs constant attention in order to keep generating wealth. The attention needed varies but it is needed.

This property in the video has had a tenant in it for 3 years and needs some touch ups. Notice  there is no flooring that needs to be replaced because there is no carpet. That would cost almost every time and the vinyl looks and cleans so much better. 

Flooring can be the biggest cost of any property and replacing a lot over the lifetime of a property can be very costly and affects profits.

This area that this property is in also generates solid long term tenants. Tenants can be costly if the area is not a desired area that people want to live in.

Lastly, equity needs to be moving upward and trending to create a better sale price in the near future when you want to sell a home.

This property after 3 years has $65,000+ equity position added while this client has been renting
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