3 Key ingredients to Successful Investment Real Estate


Purchasing investment real estate may seem easy until you actually do it. Buying a property is very easy to do, but buying the right one is not. 

When you are looking for any piece of real estate to invest in, you need to know the numbers in the area. Basically the value, rents, and property value trends. Most investors get the first two but neglect the last one Value Trends.

What I purchase for me and my clients each property has all three ingredients. My clients lease the property for 12+ months and then we look at the value of the property. If the investors want to continue leasing they have that option. They also can sell their property for a profit because the investor purchased in an upward trending home value area. 

Just recently we had a tenant move out at the end of  their lease. The property was left in great condition. The equity on the home was substantial and the owner who was netting around $850 a month on leasing it decided to sell the property and collect their profit. 

We will put the property up for sale after some light rehab and they will profit from the sale of that property. 

The key is buying real estate where you're seeing higher values in sale prices. This gets you two things while leasing higher rents and better tenants. That is very important to get.

I have helped investors that purchased real estate in areas that are not trending up. It always is a costly sell and the property is usually not in the best shape. This cost a lot of money and the investor never sees any profit from these types of properties, 

To wrap this up you need to know the three ingredients to a successful investment property.

1. Rents
2. Current Property Value
3 Area trending Property Value 

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