Having Issues getting your rent payments?

There are a lot of investors that have issues with their investment properties. I have helped many investors get their portfolio, take care of their issues and start making money again.

169 Wyleswood in Berea was not completed by a contractor. They had not finished and unfortunately they had vanished and already been paid in full.

I got to work getting my clients property completed and listed and sold it in 16 days.

7606 Wooster Parma Ohio there were property management issues and my client was not getting their lease payments.

We took the property over and repaired it to be ready to lease.

We leased it and the tenant was there for 3 years. After the Move out my clients wanted to sell the property that she had paid south of $80,000 for.

These two properties above were an investor that had purchased and could not get the rehab done for almost a year. They called me and I got back with them. The two homes were finished rehabbing and one was sold and the other was rented in 90 days. How do we do that?

We have a large team of professionals that can get your property done rehabbing, then we can lease or sell the home for you. We also have excellent property management that can keep your income property humming for the future of your investment. 

We have been doing investment real estate since 1985 and understand investors' needs and what they expect. We are in the business of making our clients money. 

Need real estate? We do that also getting the best locations and the best prices, You get all the projected cost upfront and weekly updates on your property through video. We take the property from start to finish. 

Want to see the future in buying, selling, leasing and managing your assets

We repaired and listed it and sold it for $175,000.

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