Signs your Realtor Really does not care about your investment property Needs?


 People have a saying about Realtors: they are a dime a dozen. That goes for a lot of other types of professions also. Picking a Realtor that is above average can help you and your family get the correct real estate. 

Really good agents take it a bit further and really care about the future value and trends in areas in and around their local areas. That takes a lot of study and time understanding and creating reports to back it up. 

Excellent agents also get you information and updates on a weekly basis. For example I put together a real estate newsletter that goes out weekly that keeps clients up to date on the local real estate market. That gives my clients the edge on understanding where they might want to purchase properties. 

Finding the right Realtor is not always a family member; you need to look at the Realtors resume. Buying real estate is the biggest or one of the biggest purchases a person will make. For example the last two homes I have sold I priced the homes more than the comps showed. 

There were very few or no homes in that area for sale. Basically if a buyer wants to live in an area that has few or no listings it should go for more.  My sellers were wanting to list for a lot less money. 

Good news is both homes sold and set records for price in their neighborhood. That helped my clients make more money and helped their neighbors create more equity in their properties.

In the end you need to have the best Realtor in your corner to help you find and sell your real estate. Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or Sign in below for some FREE Information 

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