How Hard is it to Lease a Property at Top Price

Getting the Best price for your lease is what I strive for. That being said it needs to be done as fast as possible and with a well qualified tenant

That is why we do open houses for our rentals the more people the better applicants. This helps get a tenant faster and have better results on getting a property creating more income.

Almost all our properties are leased in days not months. Most property management companies just throw up the listing and have their assistants answer the calls and hopefully it gets leased.

Just leased a home in West Cleveland in 10 days right down the street the property management is already at 25 days on the market. I leased our property on the first open house we did, The tenant filled out their application and put a deposit to hold the property until they move in shortly.

It takes dedication and time to get real estate income creates at the best levels. That is all we have done for our clients since 2000.

Need better property management and lease prices?

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