Why Real Estate Agents (Realtors) Need Investment Real Estate

Creating a real estate business to me needs to have Investment Real Estate deals in the mix. There are many reasons why that is crucial and makes all the difference in how much your real estate business will profit.

As a Realtor I look a lot for great deals for me and my clients. Having investment real estate in my tool kit for several reasons.

1. Investors are always looking for a good deal and are ready to buy in any market.

2. As a Realtor it is good to pick up good real estate deals for your portfolio. Let's face it there is no retirement plan for Realtors.

3. There are many other parts of investment real estate that you can get money on including listing the property for sell or lease. I personally lease around 60-70 properties a year and it helps my bottom line........

4. As a Realtor we need to keep up with the market and investment real estate helps us to do that. Looking at as is property and retail property and getting the different details gives a Realtor a better picture of the current values and purchase prices.

Having a highly successful  Real Estate Business needs services and additional ways to create and keep business flowing....Cold Calling and Door Knocking should not be required.

Need to Look at your real estate business and see what Investment real estate could do for you? get consistent real estate business through good and bad times.

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