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This Property was purchased in Feb 2020 and was leased 3 Years to the same tenant for the length of the lease. This is what we do in spades. 
This Property was purchased for $65,000 and Sold for $123,000. Obviously the property had a great profit for the investor on the sale but we also need to add the lease profit to the bottom line.
The approx Sell profit is Approx $30,000  and the lease profit is approx $25,000 that is approx $55,000 profit or a 20% return on this clients investment.  Real Estate can be great with professionals that handle all the aspects and details so you are not left guessing on what to do next.
Investment Real Estate is not easy and you need boots on the ground to help ensure that your Real Estate needs are handled and you can relax knowing that is happening.  Call Me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or Whatsapp me 

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