Where Is The Most Expensive Place To Live In Cleveland, Ohio?


In the real estate landscape of Cleveland, each suburb and neighborhood tells its own story. Picture quaint, tree-lined streets in the suburbs, where safety and community are paramount, and children play freely in their yards. The city's heart pulses with diverse neighborhoods, each boasting unique cultural flavors, from bustling markets to serene parks. Schools here are not just educational institutions but beacons of hope and growth, shaping bright futures. This fusion of safety, education, and diversity makes Cleveland not just a collection of houses but a tapestry of homes where life is lived with a sense of belonging and joy.

The real estate market Cleveland, particularly by Lake Erie, boasts some of the most expensive yet appealing land investments. With thousands of housing societies and apartments, the market's allure is unmistakable. If you're looking to buy a house in an upscale area, let's delve into Cleveland's expensive real estate and introduce you to the best available residing societies that could be a perfect fit for you.


Top Most Expensive Place Of Real Estate in Cleveland

Here, we look at some of the most expensive but appealing places to live in Cleveland, as the property rates of these areas are worth it. So, you can find the ones who suit you according to your needs.

·      Pepper Pike

This little town, with just 6,269 folks, is surrounded by lush greenery and has a tight-knit community vibe. What's great about it is that it's conveniently located near fantastic shopping spots, beautiful natural areas, top-notch private schools, and plenty of dining options. Plus, it's a breeze to get to work from here, and it's important to mention that it's part of the Orange City School District. All of these factors come together to make this East Side suburb the perfect place to call home.

·      Moreland Hills

This fancy suburb took the top spot for safety, and it shared the fourth spot for education with Pepper Pike. This just goes to show why it's usually at the top of our list. And here's an interesting tidbit: Moreland Hills has the only polo field in the Cleveland Metroparks, which says something special about this place.

·      Solon

Solon did it again! It grabbed the top spot for education. It's also the second-most diverse suburb in our top 20 and had the third-highest number of home sales in 2021. This shows that Solon is still one of the top places to live in the area.

·      Beachwood

It's known for being a walkable place, with sidewalks on 90% of its roads, and it's quite diverse, ranking second-highest in our top 20. That's why it's still in the top five this year, even though it didn't take the top spot like last year. In Beachwood, you'll find the Beachwood Place Mall, a super-fun aquatics complex, and possibly the best dog park in town. There's always something happening in this lively suburb.

·      Hudson

Hudson is another community that owes much of its appeal to its excellent school system, ranking at No. 3 in our rankings. It also has loads of charm in its lovely downtown area. So, what's the verdict? This Summit County suburb blends historic charm with all the modern conveniences you could ask for.

·      Rocky River

It owes its strong showing to its education system, ranking No. 5 in our school rankings, and a whopping 105.1% increase in median home sale value over the past decade. What sets this suburb apart is its fantastic lakefront location and its easy access to downtown Cleveland. Plus, it has a lively downtown of its own, making it one of the best suburbs in the Cleveland area.

·      Westlake

Westlake has a lot to offer, making it a regular feature in our top 20 suburbs. First off, it boasts affordable property taxes at just $1,910, and home prices have gone up by 58.3% over the past decade. But that's not all. Westlake is super convenient, with places like Crocker Park nearby. And here's a cool stat: all the streets are walkable in this town. So, it's no wonder Westlake is a favorite among our top suburbs.


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