10 Steps to Six Figures Income

 As the founder of a national, full-service real estate brokerage, I have the pleasure of meeting with hundreds of agents each year on a one-on-one basis, and one question that comes up every single time is, “How do I grow my business?” Regardless of whether that agent closes five homes or 50 homes per year, they always ask the same question. Most people are looking for some magic bullet, some secret sauce. The truth is, it can be boiled down to a solid plan, discipline, hard work, and courage. 

Yes, courage. I know this may sound odd, but success becomes easier once you recognize that achieving success is hard. Once you accept the truth that success takes hard work, you become open to making the personal and professional changes necessary to achieve your dreams. That, coupled with a new attitude, success will become easy. That’s why successful people seem to achieve their goals over and over again. But you’re not here for a philosophy lesson. 

I think it’s fair to assume you are asking the same question as everyone else. How can I close more business? How can I double or triple my income? I am going to share with you ten foundational steps to generating a 6-figure income. Much of this may seem like common sense or “basic,” but please trust me when I say every one of these steps builds upon the last and, when executed together, can double, triple, and even quadruple your business. I have seen it time and time again. The best agents in the industry have mastered these ten steps, and so can you.

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