Getting 37% more for rent in this propetry takes WORK and Knowledge


This property before we purchased it had approx lease of $1600 a month. When we started the home we kept the tenant in the bottom unit and they were paying only $600 a month.  After we negotiated and rolled our sleeves up we ended up at $1038 a month on that unit. The top unit we just leased for $1200 a month making the monthly gross income $2238 a month. Let's look at the old and new rental numbers Old Numbers: Approx rent $1600 Tax $325 Insurance $150 PM $160 net $965 or $11,580 a year  New Numbers: Approx Rent $2238 Tax $325 Insurance $150 PM $220 net $1543 Or $18,516 a year. That's an almost $7000 lift in rent a year or $570+ a month more income. Need more income Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or WhatsApp me  Need property Management Call Lori 440-695-3379

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