How Real Estate Can Create Wealth

I purchased this home in July 2022 for $85,000 and put $20,000 in rehab because there was a new driveway that needed to be done. Today I have approx $30,000 equity and it has been leased since 


Approx Profit 
Rent $1250 Tax $202 Insurance $60 Pm $125 Net $863 the first year 

Rent $1300 Tax $202 Insurance $60 Pm $125 Net $913 Sept 2023

We like to purchase homes that can be raised in lease every year or so. Last year we saw an 8% increase in rental property that we manage. 

Basically I do what I tell my clients to do and the Real Estate System we have creates both income and wealth for me and my clients.

It is so important to have professionals around that can help ensure that things are taken care of for your Investment Real Estate. 

Having professionals with a great track record is also important. How many properties have been completed successfully and the numbers on that property.

I myself have done a 1000+ properties and know what is needed to create a great property for my clients

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