Here’s What the Successful Investors Do That Most People Don’t!

 Successful Investors have patience and they understand the differences in what type of real estate they are looking to invest in. I am sharing with you how I created my wealth and made my life a whole lot simpler by doing it. 

I personally believe Residential Real Estate is the best, most profitable way to create wealth faster. I have purchased over 1000+ homes for me and my clients and time has proven my theory. Residential real estate in good locations creates both great income and equity. They have less maintenance because they have just 1 tenant not 2,3 or ever how many a building can hold.  This creates less stress and more checks in your bank account. The property in this video is just a 2 bedroom home and let's look at the numbers and history. This Client paid $99,000 for this property. The Approx Value today is $140,000 based on sold comps in that area.  The tenant in this property has leased this home for almost 2 years. Think about that almost 24 months of pure income with no new tenants and updates needed.  Let's look at the approx numbers on this property.  2022 approx Net proceeds were $9,380  2023 approx Net Proceeds were $9,286  the total is $18,666 Add that to the approx equity and the total is $58,666 or a 23% return over the last two years. No headaches, just income and appreciating equity makes this the best type of investment to have.   Need low stress Investment Real Estate?  Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty or WhatsApp me 

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