IS Income Real ESTATE Unprofitable and Difficult? 1329 Craneing

 There are a lot of gurus that can make Income Real ESTATE Unprofitable and Difficult. By the time you go through the courses and do it yourself, you lose both time and money.

That is why I invented in my real estate system that helps keep it simple. My company has everything you need to get everything handled and managed through the life of your property. 

After 1000+ Homes and 100% of our homes leased as of March 21st 2024 we know what it takes to keep our clients moving forward with their properties. 

You don't need courses or coaches with my system, all you need is the money and an email address.....

As always here are the projected numbers on this property 

Let's look at the projected numbers Rent $1500 Tax $217 Insurance $60 PM $125 Net $1098 Yearly $13,176


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