Keeping Income Real Estate Moving in 2024 (this is my personal income property)

Keeping 2024 income rolling in for me and my clients requires a strategy to buy real estate people want to live in, not that they have to.

Buying real estate that creates income and not costing a fortune doing it! Most real estate homes I purchase have two goals in mind: Equity and Income. These are the ingredients for Success in investing in real estate I already have consistent and great equity in other real estate I own in the Cleveland Metro area. That is monthly income I can count on. My tenants stay mirror my clients tenants in staying an average of approx 24 months. My portfolio mirrors my clients portfolio. This property a client purchased and backed out of the deal. I stepped in and purchased the property. look at the projected numbers Rent $1400 Tax $156 Insurance $60 PM $125 Net $1,059 Yearly $12,708 Approx $30,000 Equity to Boot Get lifetime cash flow real estate investing Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 and get a better and an easier way to make money in Income/Investment Real Estate.

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