What us the key to a profitable income property; Check these numbers


One of my clients called me to this home because they needed help getting the basement done. I got involved and saved this client $1000's of dollars in repairs. 

The property also needed new flooring and paint which we handled with our rehab crews. 

The key to a profitable income property is to not spend money that is not needed. That is exactly what we did for this client and  they are making money now. 

They also had an issue with the property management not getting their rent collected and into their accounts. So they asked me to lease it and Avalon Group Realty to Manage this property.

So let's look at the Approx results 

Leased in 2022
Rent $1500 Tax $254 Insurance $60 PM $125 Net $1,121 or $13,452

Leased in 2023
Rent $1550 Tax $254 Insurance $60 PM $125 Net $1,171 or $14,052

Need real income real estate that pays you not the property management?

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