Having a bad property manager can quickly turn into a big problem


Having a bad property manager can quickly turn into a big problem

A rental property is considered to be losing money if its annual operating expenses exceed the rent and other income it generatesSome reasons why a rental property might lose money include: Late or unpaid rent, Tenants who don't care for the property, Vacancy, and Repairs and upgrades.

Avalon Group Realty helps make sure that your real estate keeps making money for as long as you own it. 

There are many different factors to having a successful income property.

1. Get the top rents for example one property I was looking at was undervalued by at least $75 a month. That is $900 a year. Big issue with a lot of property managers. Having the correct marketing is so important to get the best rent.

2. Getting quality tenants that stay in the home. Our average is 24 months per tenant. This makes our clients much more income by simply not having to constantly rehab the property.  

3. Having tenants that do not destroy a property and rehab that is reasonable and affordable through the rental process. A lot of property managers act like you're trying to sell the property when you're only trying to lease it. That takes your rehab cost through the roof. 

4. Lastly is collecting rent. Property Management is very crucial to your success in making payments for rent. Sometimes talking to a tenant gets better results. Most property managers simply put up a 3 day notice and never reach out to the tenant. Avalon Group Realty has great success by calling the tenants and seeing what the issues are and getting rent paid. 

That is just a few items that Avalon Group Realty does that makes our service so much better. 

Need a Modern Property Manager that has a 99.5% success rate? 

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