Rehab is the most important part of buying Income Real Estate

Rehab is the most important part of buying Income Real Estate. Let's face it, Rehab can cost a lot. For example I saw a property that could have polished the wood floors for $750. Instead the contractor spent thousands of dollars installing Vinyl flooring and got $75 less a month for this investors money. Doing that is just crazy and it creates longer times to make any money at all on the property.  When I look at real estate I have to look at rehab and how it will affect the client's income.   I also want to get the highest rents. That is all marketing and knowing how to lease real estate. Most Realtors, Property Managers just do not understand how to get the rents we get.  Turn over on tenants can create more rehab and less money for an investor. Our system has helped our clients really save huge money by having tenants that stay 24 months or more!  Want a Low Stress way to do Income Real Estate? Call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 or WhatsApp me. ✅ Subscribe to the channel to stay updated on all my content, and hit the bell to never miss and upload!🔔 ******************** 👍 Let’s Connect! Follow Brett's Realty Group on Social Media Twitter ➡️ LinkedIn ➡️ Facebook ➡️ Pinterest ➡️ ✔️ Check ✅ Visit our Website: 📧 Contact me anytime: 📞 Call or Whatsapp me (Brett - Fathom Realty) 216-703-5740 ******************** # # #BrettsRealtyGroup #ClevelandRealEstate

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