Real Estate Market Forecast 2018 2019

This report comes from by Gord Collins that paints a good picture for real estate in the near future. He points out that the economy looks very strong and will continue to have strong growth in the near future.

"Synopsis: The US housing market will continue to boom with rising prices, new construction, supported by a strong domestic economy. President Trump as plenty of options to boost the economy and housing markets from California to Texas to Florida. It is a sellers market across the country, with persistent, strong buyer demand, despite gloomy housing crash forecasts for the last 4 years. Home prices and rental prices keep rising."

The key is the inventory and buyers actually wanting to purchase homes. Rent is still very strong also and so is the demand. With the low inventory Real estate will continue be a valuable asset. We lease and sell a lot of real estate, the wholesale prices of homes has increased by 20%-50%. 

"Sellers are demanding record prices while first time buyers can’t afford them or the prices of new housing stock being built. On a more positive note is growing listings and a booming US economy. That’s generated price rise forecasts of over 5% this year, or twice that of inflation and wage growth."

People and families have to live somewhere and they are choosing the better areas because of the economy and more important consumer confidence is very high. Prices look like they will have good growth in 2018-2019 which will keep the new homes going up also. 

"Overall, predictions and outlook for the US housing market are positive. That’s because the US economy is on its strongest roll ever, bolstered by lower taxes, improved trading agreements, growing American confidence, happiness, comfort, freedom and the American dream has been kindled again."

I think that paragraph is saying that people are getting back to business and growing it. Real Estate has always benefited from strong economies. The mortgages that are happening today are also very quality and buyers are much more frugal with their money and debt. The mortgage industry has been very regulated and foreclosures are way down because of it.  

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