How to Create Habits That Stick

This article is from by Jon Forknell and it is a really informational article about creating habits. Let's face it making something a habit can create a lot of good things. I personally took the Anthony Robbins 30 day challenge CD set you can still get today on ebay. It totally changed my life and made me a better business person.

This course really taught you how to train your brain to create personal success at whatever you do in life. I am living proof of that, I get up everyday and feed my brain with information and share it with you.

"Make It Routine

It’s easier to stick to a routine than it is to constantly feel like you have to remember to do something. For example, if your goal is to run 10 miles a week, it’s easier to plan out when you’ll run than to rely on yourself to make it out the door a few days a week. Big goals are vague while routine is precise.

When you’re working to form a new habit, schedule it into your day. If you want to start journaling, schedule a time to journal and force yourself to stick to it. Don’t let yourself slack or drop a day – especially not during the first few weeks. Make the new habit a routine and soon it’ll become so ingrained in your daily behavior that it will feel more uncomfortable to not do it than to adapt to the change."

Anthony Robbins teaches you to create so much pain in your brain if you do not do it. The course does that in different forms over a 30 day period. 

I lift weights 4 times a week and have never missed a week in over 20 years because I made it a habit and learned to fit it in my schedule. 

Goals can be obtained by anyone if they make a habit of completing their missions daily. I have a routine everyday to blog and market my services on the internet. If I think I cannot do it the next day I double up and get it done or do it the night before. 

If I do not do that I fell bad the next day until I get my habits finished for the day. I will also leave you with a link to get Anthony's 30 day CD Set Click here to view. Get it and get your life moving! You only get one life live it!

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