It’s Not Just Location, Location, Location is it?

You've heard the saying location, location, location is the most important issue in buying real estate. The other element is getting the right team of professionals around you. They need to have a resume of homes purchased in areas and a track record to go along with it. 

Just yesterday I had a friend that wanted to get into the real estate business because of their job situation. They wanted to find some good real estate to buy. I showed them all their options, they did not even know of most of the options they had. Real Estate has many options and you need to know them all to get the right home for your needs.

We had a home that we purchased and were renting for a client in Kamms Corner a area next to Lakewood Ohio. Had checked out a lot of tenants and for one reason or another none of them worked out. Got a call on Saturday from a couple that wanted to see the home. I showed it and they were a couple of professions that liked the area and wanted the home. Screening potential tenants is crucial to having consistent income.

Having a team of professionals that get the job done and look out for your best interests is priceless. Had an investor call on a home they wanted to sale, they where tired of the area and needed it gone. This property was not purchased through our team, but we got the home listed and sold in 4 days. They will be looking into areas that create a consistent income with us after the home closes.

We like homes that have the best locations and attract the best tenants. These are the properties that create consistent income and the bonus is equity growth. Equity is everything to do with location. Mid priced homes in good locations have the best chance to get the most equity growth. Cleveland saw a 5.3% growth in the latest report. So getting a property in a location that has the best chance to maximize equity created wealth.

Our team really looks at the properties and understands the areas they are in. Last night a hedge fund I purchase for wanted information on a home and it's potential for their clients. I knew the area and got them the information they needed. I also have to get that rent when they purchase the property and I do. Professionals get the job done in actually doing the work and getting the rents they projected.

Having a team of real estate specialist that will find you the right property takes knowledge in the areas and there advantages. I'm Brett this is all I do 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty

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