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Why Aren’t We All Buying Houses on the Internet?

This article has all the data and what the online numbers are and it comes from https://slate.com/. Let's face it you can find almost anything on the internet to purchase. Should you try to buy a home off the internet by yourself?

"Nearly 9 in 10 Americans use an agent to buy and sell their homes. Last year, residential commission revenue was somewhere in the range of $75 billion. And the market remains fragmented, with even the biggest brokerages managing just a tiny fraction of transactions—at least for now. “Wall Street and Silicon Valley are infatuated with the idea there isn’t an industry in the world they can’t blow to shreds with money and technology,” says Steve Murray, the president of real estate analysis firm Real Trends. There are signs that real estate’s time has come. “We’re going to see an infinite variety of changes to the way people buy and sell homes.”

Buying and selling homes can be a nightmare if you do not have the everyday knowledge real estate agents have. We have to take 36+ hours of education yearly to keep up with all the changes in housing laws. I just took both my Arizona and Ohio classes, they where very informative and I learned a lot of new stuff and was reminded of some old stuff too. It's required if we do not take them we loose or license. 

I work with investors and buyers a lot that do have not used a Realtors YIKES, they have huge bills that was not disclosed before they closed the home. One particular client had an unlicensed property manager that did not pay the utility bills and now he has to pay $1000's of dollars to get the electric and gas back on.    

"Opendoor’s “All Day Open House” allows buyers to find and unlock the house themselves with a smartphone. Easy, right? And yet most of them come with an agent, and the company says it’s one of the biggest payers of commissioners in its markets today."

Buyers and sellers want to know what they are looking at, after all it is a huge investment. Can Technology replace the Realtor? The ways people are looking at real estate has changed a lot, but the homes are still after all homes. They are all different and buyers and sellers need to know different details on each individual home. Is a Software or Internet agent going to be able to see all the flaws in a home and be able to get the best price for you? Are they gong to negotiate the best deals?

"Why hasn’t the internet cut out the agent, even as houses sell to internet companies with the click of a button? In part because consumers aren’t really trying to inject any startup pizzazz into the largest (and most complex) transaction of their lives. Local knowledge remains invaluable. That, and it’s hard to develop regular clients. This isn’t Seamless. In real estate, a satisfied customer isn’t coming back anytime soon. "

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