5 Reasons Why Real Estate could be a Great Investment

Real estate can be a great way to help create wealth for you and your family. The key is buying the real estate that captures both equity and income.

1. Equity is created when you buy a home at a discount that might need repairs that you can make. That creates instant equity. You can also get equity over time if your home us purchased in the right location. Getting that location is crucial with income real estate to sell at a nice profit later. I deal with investors all the time that have not done that and it cost them.

2. Real estate is a real asset that you can touch and fell. You have insurance that protects your investment from disasters. I have always had almost all my investment money in real estate, that has benefited me many ways. I personally do not have any mortgage on my home because of profits I have made from my portfolio. Yes I also invest in Real Estate : )

3. It can create a nice income for you. Everyone talks about passive income and tells you that it can be created through their real estate system. Folks it not hard to do....buy nice homes that people want and you will have a nice steady stream of income that is more steady and current. Let's face it you want to make money on your income real estate.

4. If your not managing the properties yourself get a good property manager. Make sure they have a brokerage and all rents that are collected go through that brokerage. When you do that you know that a licensed broker in that state is handling all your rental money. My Wife is a broker and does all the property management at Avalon Realty  The tenants send all their money to Avalon Realty trust account.  Avalon Realty personally deals with keeping them rented and dealing with any maintenance issues.

5. Stick to your plan and watch your real estate just like you would your job or any other money making investment. People treat income real estate as passive. Do not do that keep in touch with your property through your management company and keeping active in watching your investment.

Real estate can create a full time income for you and your family. You just have to keep involved with your portfolio and growing it. Know what your investment is doing and keep the maintenance up on the home,

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