Biggest issue for buying real estate in Cleveland

Buying real estate that needs updating can be an issue in Cleveland if you do not have the right people around your home. I personally recognized that when I moved here in 2009.

Before that I was an Realtor that had a construction company in Phoenix Az. I thought that all construction was created equal. When I came to Cleveland I thought the construction would be close to the same as Phoenix.  I found out quickly it was not.

The cities and help had to be dealt differently and efficiently. Fast forward to today and I have 3 crews that work well on updating homes. Most of them have been with me since 2009 and it has worked well.

Recently I had an issue with a city inspector that wanted a home painted that really did not need it. It would have cost the client thousands of dollars that did not need to be spent. I met with the cities building commissioner.  He went and looked at the home and said it did not need to be painted.

Knowing the city codes and dealing with each building department can be a challenge especially when your new at it.

This year we have already updated or working on 29 homes. That is a lot of paint and rehabbing. Getting the biggest issue in buying real estate in Cleveland handled gives my clients a hands up on the competition.

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