How to choose a good rental property?

We purchased a lot of income real estate and have to be right on the projected rents and having good tenants that want to stay in a property. It is crucial for our client.

Purchasing 100's of income real estate properties for myself and investors I have seen the good and the bad ones. .

Last year we purchased 70+ homes for clients that we purchased, rehabbed, leased and managed. Every home paid their lease payments and we had 0 evictions. The reason that happened was choosing the best real estate possible.

Choosing a good rental property takes the following steps to understand about your potential property.

You need to have shopping, good schools, shopping and places to eat. Your property has to have these amenities close by. These amenities are crucial to attracting quality tenants for long term periods.

We look for these type of areas for our clients and get them. Having all the services you need under one roof makes purchasing good income real estate easier.

You also want to look at the pricing trend in the area you are looking at. I hear a lot of investors say they just want income and do not care about equity positions in their property. That is only true until the investor wants to sell the property.

If you purchase real estate in the better areas you also make great money when you sell the property. That is the piece of the puzzle a lot of investors miss and it cost them a lot of money.

Homes that are in an area that is trending up in price, that means the area is in demand. People just want to live there and dwell there. That is the perfect situation for selling your income real estate and making more money on ot.

So there you have it you need both income and equity in a property you probably have a great rental property.

The key is getting professionals behind you to help navigate the investment waters. I have personally helped purchase, rehab, and lease 100's of properties. Call me I'm Brett Icon agent at EXP Realty
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