Income Real Estate Results and Total Cost

Let's look at the complete details and numbers of this home start to finish.

Purchase Price_________________________________$70,000
rehab________________________________________$   6,000
Total_________________________________________$ 76,000

Tax Monthly___________________________________$   159
Insurance______________________________________$    60
P/M__________________________________________$    88

Net___________________________________________$  793

That is all there is to it with us. We have a great Property Management company with a stellar track record to get keep your home creating income. We have done 100's of doors for our clients.

This property is in Parma ,and has both income and equity. That makes this a winning formula for creating wealth through real estate.

This property is finished and leased to the a quality tenant at top rents. Need income and Equity Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 EXP Realty and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona

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