The Top Ten Cities For Investing Considering

This article comes from that ranks Cleveland in the top 10 cities for risk and reward for real estate.

"“The reason behind us doing this was not to simply say these are better or worse places to invest. We are presenting a different way of looking at risks and rewards. Traditionally when people look at places to invest in or not to, they don’t always take in the associated risk factor,” explained Chief Investment Officer of Compound Jesse Stein."
10 Years ago I recognized that the Cleveland Metro area was going to be a hot spot to purchase investment real estate. We have helped clients purchase 100's of homes and know the good, bad, and ugly areas of Cleveland.

" Stein has some words of advice. “The takeaway for a Forbes investor is do not only look at appreciation numbers. Look at both stability and volatility over the last ten years in a metro area. Take into account what are the associated risks from a data perspective as you would with a stock.”

There is that word I like to see when you are looking for investment real estate and real estate to live in. Appreciation is part of the overall health and well being of your property or properties. When you are buying any home look at the trends and surrounding area benefits for you and or your tenants. 

The Cleveland Metro real estate market has great stability and retains a still low prices compared to the rest of the cities on the list. Notice that 3 of the cities are in Ohio that makes 30% of the list from one state. 

"“Our data looks at long stretches of appreciation in high flying markets that have risen beyond peak pricing. The data shows the inflection point in some markets has slowed with increased volatility and more associated risk,” Stein adds. To measure returns Compound used the Zillow Home Value Index which includes single family homes, condos and co-ops comparing home values in March 2019 to March 2018."

The report shows a nice safer place to invest your hard earned money. We have literally done 100's of properties, below is a video that captures some of our recent transactions and detailed numbers.

There you have it Cleveland is a great city to live and invest in. The downtown is second to known and so is the community we enjoy here. 

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