Selling a house in poor condition

Selling a house  in poor condition can be a challenge if you don't have all the information needed for the potential buyer. Buyers especially the ones that purchase properties in need of work, always want to know certain things about the condition of items in the home.

Roof is a big one, they want to know the life of the roof and how soon it may need before it is changed. When I have a roof that might have a shorter life on it, I always get it inspected by a professional. That report is always uploaded in the supplements so that a potential buyer will have the report. That way it may not be an issue and it gets my clients top dollar for the property.

The other big issue is the foundation of the property. Just purchased a property where the selling agent did not get a report on the basement wall. That wall was easily fixed with a $2500 repair. When I looked at the home I sent my professional basement wall guy out and he gave me a quote. With that information I got a lower price on the home.

There were a ton of Realtor cards in the home, showing that a lot of people where interested in the home, but were scared off by the potential issue with the basement wall.

That could have been all been taken care of by the seller before the home was put up for sale or at least a quote to repair the home at close of escrow. The warranty is a lifetime and would put potential buyers at ease.

When buyers are not comfortable about a home the price always goes lower, and usually only investors and seasoned pros buy the home.

Having the utilities on also helps sell the home, it shows potential buyers that the home is alive and well. That may sound funny, but buyers always like seeing lights on and water flowing. This gives the home buyers a sense of ease that the home is not in all that bad of shape.

Lastly getting the clutter out is an important part of the look of the home. A clean home in poor condition versus a home that is not clean makes a big difference in a potential buyers decision. Getting all the trash out and making the home presentable is important to selling it.

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