3 reasons to invest in real estate

This article comes from https://www.businessinsider.com/ that has a investor who owns 10 properties and is a financial planner, he has been very successful. Let's dig into the important parts of this article.

1. ""While it is certainly important to be properly diversified with your investments, it is even more important to be diversified with your income," Sutherland writes. "This is because the largest financial risk for most of you is the loss of your primary source of income, which is typically in the form of a day job"

Income real estate managed correctly should be a property that an investor does not have to think about much and get a regular check from. That is the key to passive income it needs to be passive. That means that income is pretty consistent on a income property. 

2. ""You can achieve and feel the results almost immediately. Property improvements are visible and tangible. You can cash, spend, and invest rent payments. Today! Not 30 years in the future," Sutherland writes."

With the correct assets it can happen almost immediately, you just need to have the right properties. There are bad deals out there that do not work well for an investor. Each deal needs to handled by professionals that understand and have a resume in good income real estate.

Real Estate is a very good investment in the right location. What do they say Location, Location, Location. It is so true and the location really creates the type of tenant you will have and how long they will stay. 

3. "He explains: "If you need $40,000 a year to live, you could alternatively invest in assets that generate an 8% cash-on-cash return. This is a very reasonable assumption. And it means you would only need to save a total of $500,000 (instead of $1 million). Yet, your investments would still meet your annual household living needs." "

We get that for our clients on almost every deal, that is correct and it really works. The other factor is equity growth and that really creates a lot of wealth when you decide to sell the property. Location is a big factor on your equity growth in a property.

We understand what it takes to be a good income property 100's of homes and counting. Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740 Icon Agent 2 years in a row at EXP Realty 

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