What Real Estate professionals Do to create consistent income

There are a few real estate investors that understand what system creates a consistent income for their real estate.  Understanding the essentials of how to create long term income on properties is the secret sauce that few investors know.

Who are you buying your income real estate from? Do they take care of your property even after the sale? This is a common issue with buyers that purchase real estate in areas out of the state or country. There are a lot of investment gurus that know how to sale a property, but do not have the systems to take care of the life of the property.

Our real estate systems are set up for the life of our clients property. We understand that a property had to be managed correctly for the investor to make great income.

A lot of investors look for the cheapest and largest property management companies to collect their rents and communicate with the tenants. Lori is a real estate broker and we have our own in house property management company. This allows us to purchase, rehab, lease and manage each property we purchase for our clients.

We help investors create and maintain their real estate portfolios for the long term. I had an investor that called last night and wanted to purchase a property that would not fit our model. During the conversation I mentioned we would not manage the property. The property in question would be a ton of work and have a lot of tenant turns .

After we discussed the property and we where not going to manage it, they no longer wanted the property.

Your property management is the life blood of your investment, they handle the details and deal with the tenants.

The other detail is the property needs to have tenants that stay. We just renewed tenants for their second year because of the nice area and home.That is what investors want and need to have a nice income stream on their income properties.

Having the team around you that only buys in the areas that have proven consistent income in almost all cases is what Professionals do to get a consistent income and become wealthy doing it.

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