Buying Real Estate with Real Estate Agents does it cost more?

Buying real estate can be done in many different ways and with or without a Realtor. Personally I have been a Realtor for 20 years. When I was buying investment real estate in Phoenix Az in the 1980's I personally used a Realtor for those transactions. 
As far as if real estate cost more for a Realtor, and the answer is probably not. Let me explain.

Just Leased a home for a client in Canada that purchased a home from a wholesaler. We got the max rent for the home, but then got a letter from the city. There was a Point of Sale that where missed and never completed by the wholesaler. In fact the buyer did not even know that there was a point of sale on the property.

If a Realtor was involved all that information would have been given to the potential buyer. So that they could make an informed decision. Maybe they would have passed on the property or has the seller finish the point of sale items. Below is a testimonial from a this client. 

"Brett is super knowledgeable and efficient agent. Always on time with responses and updates. He has a great support team as well. It was great business experience working with him. You can not come across this level of efficiency offer these days. Highly recommend ."

Realtors are trained and licensed to understand what information is needed for each transaction. They also have to let the buyer know if they have any interest in the property. They have many more avenues to get clients real estate through the MLS and other areas. 

Do they get good deals of real estate? Absolutely I personally purchase 60+ properties a year for clients that need investment real estate. They would not keep purchasing from me if I was not getting good deals. 

I also purchase and sell real estate for clients that just need homes. We have a money saving listing package at in Ohio and in Arizona.

Realtors know way more than do it yourselves people. We are trained and licensed to serve the community in all their real estate needs. 

If your looking fro a Realtor call me I'm Brett ICON Agent at EXP Realty 216-703-5740 or you can text "information" to 1-937-500-0745  

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