Real Estate Could Be the Best Value Option for Safe Haven Investing

This article comes from / and it is a good article, but I want to give a few reasons why I think real estate is the #1 way to invest. Let's look at some of the items in this article first. 

“Most investors will be looking for a defensive wealth strategy by directing their investments toward safe havens, such as gold for more traditional investors, or bitcoin for the millennials,” a Forbes article stated. “However, real estate is the No. 1 tangible investment and a safe haven for all, especially when financial markets and Forex are in an unprecedented state of volatility. Real estate professionals can, therefore, expect to receive numerous requests from highly liquid investors looking for the best opportunities to safeguard their wealth."

Real estate not only safeguards wealth it creates it, if you have the right assets in a portfolio. I have noticed that there are investors that think that they can change a home into a great income producing asset, that has never been done before. The area is not good and has a long history of being a massive cash draining investment that investors cannot wait to sale for a loss. 

That is why I created my system of buying investment real estate to get the best homes that will most likely create the maximum income and equity for my clients. We have purchased a lot of homes and they are all creating income and equity for our happy clients. 

The property below was purchased and rehabbed for under $100,000 in early 2019. It has been leased over 1 year ago and is still creating a solid income for the investor. After taxes, insurance and property management the home is nets around $850 a month. It is also creating equity that can be captures anytime the investor wants to sell it. 

Here is another example of a home that was purchased and leased around the same time as the previous home in 2019. This home is also still paying rent. Same thing the investor keep making money and the home has a great equity position. Purchased under $100,000 and after property taxes, insurance and property management is nets around $750-$850 a month. 

See a pattern here I can show you many more properties that we have the investors has had the same exact experience on. The properties all have great income, equity and are in solid areas that attract very good tenants. The key is purchasing them right and getting the best locations. 

Real Estate can be the best value option for save haven investing if you have the right team of professionals behind you. 

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