Is Buying Out-Of-State or international Real Estate Worth It?

Real Estate out-of-state or out-of-the-country is almost always a good asset purchased in the right locations, and having a team of professionals that can handle all the details is important to keep the property generating income. 

We have set up a company that creates opportunities and options for our investors. I personally went all over the country before I decided that Cleveland Metro may be the best place to create opportunities. 

Since 1985 I have been searching for the best way to create income and wealth through equity in real estate. I dealt with 100's and 100's of properties during the 20 years I have been an agent. Seeing the ups and downs in the economy during those years has shown me that all homes can create income during those times. In good times they create both income and equity purchased in the right locations. 

Fast forward to today and we have all the facets that are needed to not only get the best real estate, but handle all the details through our companies. We have the rehabbing, leasing, and property management all under one roof. This makes is easier for you and you know who to call. 

We only handle real estate that has a great track record of being a consistent income earner through tenants staying and paying their lease. We also look for locations that will have the best grow in equity. If they have both of those crucial ingredients we have a winner. Here is a few of the homes we just purchased and or leased out in June 2020.

These are the type of homes that attract a lot of very quality potential tenants. These properties are in high demand and also are gaining equity in today's real estate market. 

Need real estate that actually creates income and equity? 
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