Re-designing Flat fee Real Estate listings to save clients BIG!

Setting up new and better ways for home sellers to sale their homes and save money is called a win win. That is why I set up the Full Service Flat Fee Listing that actually works. Here are a couple of just fresh recent sales. 

These are two totally different homes that needed to be sold for top dollar. They where both sold and the sellers where both very happy with the results. They saved $3500 in commissions which I'm sure they liked also.  

There are many different Flat Fee Listing companies, but do they work? Do they handle all the phone calls, consistent daily marketing, Pictures and Virtual video walk through, Setting up a website for that property, negotiations, and help making sure the home seen and closes?  I doubt it.

The other important issue is how many homes have they purchase, sold, or even leased? Personally I had 118 transactions in 2019 and am already at 60 in 2020. 

WE have sold $400,000 to $27,000 homes with our very successful Full Service Flat Fee Listing.  Go to for all the details 

Selling, Buying and Leasing 100's and 100's of homes

Get your home SOLD for Less with us 100's of homes and counting

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