Are Rents Going up in Cleveland Ohio?

 I had an interesting question from a client that ask me are rents going up in the Cleveland Ohio real estate market? Paying more for income real estate in Cleveland is true an the areas we have been purchasing in have went up a bit in pricing. 

The good news for investors rents are going up, if you have the right people managing your portfolio. I was with a potential client last week for lunch and one of the cities they where leasing in was getting $150-$200 less a month than our clients are getting for rent. That is a lot of money monthly and annually. 

So yes rents are going up because of the shortage of homes to lease in the market. The key is getting a Realtor and a team that understands that market and how to get potential tenants to see our rental listings. The condition of the home is also a big factor in higher rents. 

We are watching the rental market and getting the most we can get in rental amounts. We have seen a $50-$100 a month rise in rental rates this year. We are currently going to raise some more rents in some cities to test this rental market even more. the video below will update you on our recent success's.

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