Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

That is the big question especially in today's internet and real estate site world. A lot of coaches and brokers tells you to brand yourself and get your information out. How do you do that? How can you get your business out to the world and make money doing it?

Good news is I went through the same thing myself when I started, and over the last 20 years and have learned how to get my brand out to the world. In 2018-2019 I did 100+ transactions without a team, just me! In 2020 as of today I have 80 transactions completed and 19 more in escrow waiting to close. How do I get that much business?

My new coaching program will get you all the information you need to get your brand and business out to the world. I will also show you how to be a unique Realtor that potential clients seek out your business. 

I rarely take buyers out and I have a lot of listings, but I have many other ways to make a commission and income that most agents do not do or know about. There is a lot of different income buckets that create nice profit for any real estate agent, and knowing them can make all the difference in world. 

I quickly figured out I personally did not want to knock on doors or cold call, and I have never ever did. My business has thrived and I have figured out how to get into neighborhoods that have been serviced by other Agents for years to go with my services. I have built a massive customer list that keeps me very busy.

I have also created a business that services home buyers and investors that is not really done anywhere else. My clients call me with all their real estate needs...imagine getting listings and purchases via your phone. That is what my system will show you how to do. 

If you put in the work and use my system the sky is the limit, go to  and learn what I have done on the last 20 years. You can also text me "Success" 1-970-500-0745

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