How I get and keep International Real Estate Investors

 When I started being a Realtor in 2000 I only wanted to buy homes for myself and get the best deals on the planet and sell them,. I quickly found out there where other investors that needed my Realtor services and expertise. So I started purchasing real estate for a lot of different investors. 

Now in 2020 I almost exclusively purchase for international buyers. I get them their real estate and help manage everything for their real estate purchases and sells of properties. 

That makes me a one stop shop for all their investment real estate needs. I have investors that I have literally never met except online. I communicate through videos and talking on the phone. 

If they have any real estate needs they know that I can probably do it. A great example is a client that needs some of their portfolio sold. My special listing price @ gets their properties sold at top prices and saves them a ton of money in commissions. 

Being a Real Estate agent I think it is important to know how to communicate and purchase real estate for investors. You also need to know that they are sophisticated and seasoned real estate purchasers, and how to do it. 

That is what I can teach you as a Real Estate Coach. I have two courses that can get you that will teach you how to market and get investors to work with. I have has 100+ transactions for the last 3 years and #1 for real estate transactions in 2019 for EXP Realty and a ICON Agent 2018-2019-2020. 

Need to kick start your real estate career and quick being like every other agent?  You need my course and it's less than you think...I also have a great way for you to get a discount. Sign in below or call me 

I'm Brett call me 216-703-5740 EXP Realty or Text "Success" to 1-937-500-0745

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