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Setting up a Tried and True System for my customers and Clients

Being a Real Estate Agent for the Last 20 year and doing literally 100's and 100's of transactions I have learned that my Customers and Clients need service and full disclosure in every deal. As a Realtor I understand all of that and have applied it to my business.

Let's get some examples of service that I do for my clients.

1. When clients need work done to their property I assist them in doing that at no charge and I take pictures and videos during the process to keep them updated.

2. I have a marketing company that gets my listings seen when they are for sale and or lease. I have consistently got my clients the best prices for their properties in a timely matter. We are talking about 100's and 100's of transactions.   

3. Understanding my clients needs is also a huge piece of my business. I have walked out of movies to handle a sale of a property. It is important that I am available for my client at important times and even when it is not convenient for me.

4. Being honest and ethical in every transaction. I recently had a client that wanted to buy a property I just could not stand behind for a flip. I told him I could refer another agent if he wanted, but I had issues with the property and in good faith write a contract for it.

5. I am not a real estate agent that is concerned about commissions I only want to purchase real estate for clients that is a win win mostly for them. If I do my job right the commissions will come in just fine. After 20 years as a real estate agent I have learned this and have lived it.

Lastly I am allows there for my clients and I never ever leave them in any deal, I always stay until the job is done to their satisfactory.

Need a seasoned Real Estate Agent for Investment Real Estate or Selling a home? My performance speaks for itself. 

Call Me I'm Brett Realtor 216-703-5740 I am waiting to help you. 


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