3 ways to be way more Successful as a Realtor

Being a consistent successful Realtor year after year is not what happens to most agents. They do or teach the same old traditional methods that every other agent is taught.  Then they get on the phone and the door knocks. I should also mention your sphere of influence (basically people you will have to annoy for a while).

There is a better way and I know that way. As a Realtor I produce 100+ deals a year, but not the traditional way. So I will give you three things you need to have a giant business.

1. Look for ways to service your clients more than once. Set up services they will need and will come back to you to get. I have clients that send me business and I have never actually met a lot of them. 

2. Set up a YouTube channel and start talking about your services every day! My YouTube channel has 4000 videos that talk about my success and my services. 

3. Listen to Podcasts about both Realtors and Marketing. These Podcasts will help you learn new ways to service and get noticed in your business. 

This is a great start to start learning how you can be a more successful Realtor. 

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