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Why Selling By owner does not get you the best price for your home

Realtors are sometimes short selling the massive Marketing home sellers get when they list a property with the MLS. Not only that a home seller gets a representative that hopefully has a track record of getting homes closed. 

Most homeowners underestimate the power of Realtors, especially ones that know how to market. I have a listing and just yesterday it was seen by 100's of people in the local market. Being a real estate agent and having my own private marketing company gives me tools I need to sell homes. 

Another concern I have heard is the cost of selling a home with a Realtor. With more eyeballs seeing a property the chances are today that you will sell the home for a higher price than expected. Last week we lost a deal because a home buyer came in $20,000 higher than the list price. The home did not even have a garage and needed to be updated. 

My Real Estate business is unique because I offer my clients a way to sell their homes and save money doing it. It is a win win because it gets my signs out and creates business opportunities for me while getting the top price for my clients. 

I also have cash buyers that purchase real estate as is. This is for property owners that are having a lot of issues with their properties. I do millions of dollars in cash deals every year and it saves my clients time and money. 

So there you have it Realtors are needed if they know how to market and get a lot of eyeballs on your property. I also have relationships with private cash investors that can close quickly. 

This gives you the property owner the choice of selling your home on the MLS or selling it for cash. Call me I'm Brett and I am a different Realtor that gets you more choices and saves you a lot of money doing it. 216-703-5740 or Email By56083@gmail.com 

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