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I have handled literally 100's and 100's of investment real estate transactions. During the process of buying investment real estate for me and my clients I have learned that there are good and bad deals. Knowing how to understand how to recognize if a deal is bad or good is GOLD! 

There are two ways to know if you are getting a good deal. 

1. Hiring a seasoned pro that has a resume and a successful one to help you find the best properties to buy in your chosen real estate market. Remember the old real estate success saying Location, Location, Location. 

2. Understanding that there are two questions that need answered home much income and also how much real equity you are getting. Just because a property shows a great income but has no equity or future equity it may not be a good deal. 

Just this year I sold a property for a client that needed money for another project he was doing, The property he had purchased had a very nice equity position. The client had also made very good income over the 2 years he had leased it. 

The home sold and he made a very nice profit on the property.

The reason that happened is because I showed him location, income and equity is very important when looking at any property.

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