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How to purchase international real estate


Buying properties abroad requires a lot of courage and understanding what you are buying. There are so many caveats to a piece of real estate in different areas and knowing what you're getting into.

A great example is Cleveland. There are many cities around the metro to purchase real estate. Knowing what the cities expect from the owner. There are many rules that need to be accounted for before you purchase a property. Some cities want to inspect and have some things repaired before closing a property.

This will usually add cost to a property and as a buyer you need to have that information before you make your final decision. There are many sellers that do not give you that information and usually they are not licensed. Information is key to making a good decision on anything.

Next thing you need when buying is the approximate investment and the approximate income or profit you might see buying a certain property. 

During the process of buying and rehabbing a property buyer also needs to get updated pictures and videos on the properties progress. This keeps everything at full disclosure and allows the property buyer to sleep at night. 

Lastly you need assistance in managing a property for the long term income for your investment. 

All this needs to be done before you purchase any property. You also need to check the company you're investing in with a resume and see how they are doing. Basically telling them to prove it!   

That is what I do everyday and I love to prove my abilities and resume! 
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