Realtors that rely on one stream of income can be scary

Streams of income are important for any business owner to understand and have to help build their income and the services they provide.

When you are being taught to be a Realtor there is always cold calling and door knocking that is mentioned a lot.  You will also have your circle of influence that needs to know you need business. 

I did the total opposite of all that and set up a business that consisted of services that a lot of clients must have. They are unique services that most agents do not do. 

Let me give you an example of one of the many services that I do for my clients. Most Brokerages do not teach agents to lease properties. I lease between 70-80 a year. This allows me to also get the listing to sale when the owner is ready to do that. The investors also call me when it is time to re-rent.

That creates a lot of income for my business every year and it adds up! Being a Realtor allows you to have a licensed business to create good solid real estate services. 

If you are tired of the same old way to do real estate please call me (Brett) and let me show you a whole new world of income. I will be teaching you new ways to attract and keep your new business and explode your real estate business. 

Call Me I'm Brett Fathom Realty 216-703-5740 or Text "info" to +12164555264

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