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Does your brokerage REALLY care about you?

I am a guy that looks at the numbers for anything. Real Estate agents according to one report do not have great numbers. 87% of Realtors are out of business in the first 5 years. That means only 13% of Realtors are still around after 5 years.

That average salary is somewhere between $41,000-$70,000. That is gross income and as a Realtor you pay for everything. You need a vehicle, marketing, Realtor Fees, and other costs including health insurance.

I was meeting with an agent that paid $70,000 in broker fees. That is a lot of money to take. 

Brokerages usually have very little to do with an agent's success. The main thing in my opinion that a brokerage needs to supply is support and marketing tools. Most brokerages have some sort of marketing packages for their agents and if they have support they charge big for it.

I personally learned the hard way paying over $60,000 in brokerage fees. I had no office and never got much assistance or any leads from that brokerage. 

As a Realtor you need to make sure you have all the tools for marketing and support from your brokerage and the brokerage needs to not take a lot of money from the Realtors. 

Fathom Realty is that brokerage. They have saved me a ton of money that allows me to have more money for marketing and building my business. This year I have saved over $22,000 in commissions this year being with Fathom Realty. 

Fathom Realty also has all the tools and Fathom Academy allows agents to further their knowledge in marketing and building a business.

Fathom Realty Commission splits are $450 the first 12 deals and $99 each transaction after you cap. There is also a $500 annual fee you need to pay.. You get so much marketing material and education with that commission split.  

Need to change your financial future as a Realtor? Are you going to be a statistic? 
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