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Sustaining Yourself in Real Estate Part 2 (Investor)

 I was reading some posts on investing in real estate on Facebook today and noticed that a lot of the experts did not live in the area that they are promoting. That is a really confusing thing to me. How can you run projects and not be at a site at least once a week. 

My client gets a video weekly on the updates on each property during construction. This allows each client to know and see their updates. Just this weekend a client called about a new heater that we were installing that was not in yet. I explained we were waiting on a part and it would be installed shortly and we would video it soon.

That is what investors need to have to sustain their real estate business information. Keeping clients updated can only be done if you have a representative in that area that is willing to be at the property regularly. Below is an example of a property we just finished.

The other part of sustaining a real estate business is Property Management that takes care of your property after all the work is done and a tenant is in place.

I see and hear many complaints on property managers and that is why Lori set up a property management company. That property management company has generated great relationships and helped keep clients' homes cash flowing.  

Anytime you are investing abroad you need to have someone watching your property close by. If your not getting all the information that you need call me (Brett) 216-703-5740 Fathom Realty

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