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How I leased 3 homes all at once

Marketing is a key component to leasing a home and when you have three in one area then how could you get all of the properties rented from one add? 

Marketing is so important when you are leasing a property. When you are selling a product you want as many potential buyers as you can get to get a higher price. The same is true when leasing a property. 

We had a property in Parma that was in very high demand and there were many potential tenants that showed up at the first viewing. During this time we found a well qualified tenant and we had many more potential tenants that wanted that property. 

We had two other properties that were almost completed in the general area and same city. We introduced those properties to 2 most qualified potential tenants. They both wanted the homes for them to lease after the home was done. 

That is why you need an Realtor that knows how to market your real estate. I am calling a potential buyer from linkedin that I will be calling today on a listing.

I should also mention that we got all the rents that our clients were asking for. That is the best ending to any real estate transaction.......

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