Not Good Endings to a lot of Real Estate Deals



Being in the investment real estate game really since 1985 I have seen a few good and bad real estate deals. I estimate that I have personally been involved in 1000+ investment estate transactions. 

There are a lot of companies that are selling the investment real estate passive income dream and or selling dreams.  There are a lot of successful ones but there are also a lot of not successful ones. 

I recently went to a home that was advertised to be a 3 bedroom and the investor was across the pond and never saw the home in person.  There were 2 bedrooms upstairs and a very small one on the first floor. If you could get a bed in there it would be a miracle. 

Not having good sized bedrooms hurt the sale of a home. People that need a third bedroom will not like that sized room. It should have been considered a 2 bedroom and valued as that.

Another example of a home that was in a gorgeous neighborhood was the investors home was the only home that was not gorgeous. The home looked like a shack that had been updated to be a luxury shack. 

The wholesaler must have got the comps of surrounding homes that were the same sq footage but worth a lot more money than this property. I looked at the tax records and saw the investment company purchased it for $10,000 and sold it for $60,000 to the investor. 

This home has such a bad layout it is almost unsellable. In fact the seller has decided to just lease it in the hope that the home will be worth something in the future. 

Lastly I am picking up a listing for a previous client that was selling the home with another real estate company. The home was not selling and they called me for assistance. 

I looked at the listing and there was no description of the property or were there any videos.  The Agent was also very hard to find on the internet and has almost no marketing. 

Getting a video and setting up a website is crucial to getting the top price and to selling a home period. This investor is getting happier with the new life we will breathe in selling the property.

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